Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

Session Organizer:
Meera Venkatesh, IAEA,  International

Radiopharmaceutical chemistry is an important component of the nuclear medicine practice. Currently the variety of radionuclides used in nuclear medicine is impressively large – in numbers, chemical properties, emission properties and half lives. This session will cover all aspects of chemistry for preparation of useful radiopharmaceuticals – with high stability, biological activity/retention of specificity and in high yields. Novel methods of radiolabeling and analysis of quality would also be covered.


Which will be the workhorse radionuclide for future diagnostic nuclear medicine?
Adriano Duatti, Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine, University of Ferrara, Italy

Validation of HCl-EtOH-Method for Preconcentration of 68Ge/68Ga Generator Eluate and Study of the Sorption-Desorption Mechanism
Anton Alekseevich Larenkov, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Russia