Special Sessions

The 8th ICI will feature special sessions that celebrate the 100th anniversary of Marie Curie and the past century of research.

  • A tribute to Heino Nitsche, University of California-Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.“In memoriam: Heino Nitsche” Darleane Hoffman — Professor Emerita, Univ of California, Berkeley, Annie B. Kersting (LLNL)
  • Plenary Speakers:
    • Dale E. Klein, Associate Vice-Chancellor, University of Texas System
    • Jong Kyung Kim, President, Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute

"Celebrating a Century of Women in Nuclear Science"

Join 8ICI Chairman Paul Dickman for a special session that focuses on the role of women in advancing nuclear science. A century ago, research physicist and chemist Marie Curie founded the Curie Institute. The advent of World War I changed the center’s focus from research to applied nuclear technology. Marie Curie converted six ambulances to mobile medical x-ray labs and, for the first time, trained women to become radiological technicians. Today, the role of women in the field of nuclear sciences is expanding, changing the way the public perceives the field. This plenary will include presentations and a panel discussion with:

  • Jean-Louis Alberini, Director of Nuclear Medicine, Curie Institute 
  • Janice Dunn-Lee, Deputy Director General, IAEA 
  • Darleane Hoffman, Professor Emerita, University of California–Berkeley
  • And other notable speakers.

"The Public Health Dilemma: Balancing Isotope Supply and Safety and Security"

Join WCI President Myung-Chul Lee and incoming WCI President Vanzyl de Villiers for special forum on policies that may affect future supplies of isotopes. The modern world needs isotopes for public health and prosperity, however increasing concerns about safety and non-proliferation are changing how the market meets these needs. This forum is an extraordinary opportunity for 8ICI attendees to hear from top governmental officials and senior policy makers on emerging issues and their concerns and thoughts about the future. This plenary will include presentations and a panel discussion with:

  • Allison Macfarlane, Chairman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Ramzi Jammal, Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
  • Chris Whipple, ENVIRON Principal, Chair NAS Committee on Medical Isotope Production without HEU.
  • Michael J. Guastella
    Executive Director, Council on Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals
Heino Nitsche, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Heino Nitsche

Janice Dunn-Lee, International Atomic Energy Agency
Janice Dunn-Lee

Darleane Hoffman University of CA-Berkeley
Darleane Hoffman

Ramzi Jammal Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Ramzi Jammal

Jong-Kyung Kim, Korean Atomic Energy Research InstituteJong-Kyung Kim
Alison Macfarlane Chairman NRC
Allison Macfarlane

Chris Whipple

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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